The Queens Musk


The Queens Musk is our newest solid fragrance.

A couple months ago we posted a request on our Facebook and Instagram pages-asking individuals to tell us what kind of skin and massage oil they’d like to see. We also stated, if we used their suggestion, we’d ship them the products for free…as a gift.

A young woman suggested Egyptian Musk and her Handle included the word “Queen.” But that isn’t why it’s named The Queens Musk. My husband refers to me as his Queen. As right as he may be, that isn’t why it’s The Queens Musk. I’ve been familiar with the scent for approximately two decades. I grew nostalgic at her suggestion. To me Egyptian musk is a gentle, strong, sexy scent. Appropriate for all, but the name always made me think of the Queen of Egypt.

Pure, high quality Egyptian Musk oil is paired with another musky oil and the two mingle well together. This grade of Egyptian Musk oil is much, much lighter than the synthetic grade Egyptian Musk oil; thus it required an addition, especially for a solid fragrance.

Ingredients: all natural sweet almond oil infused with lavender grown in our pesticide free garden, organic beeswax, Egyptian Musk fragrance oil, Nag Champa fragrance oil, organic vitamin E oil

It also comes with a bonus ounce. The label reads two ounces, but I ordered the larger container by accident.