The Queens Musk

A solid fragrance and grounding salve. Check out our post to learn the story behind this blend of Egyptian Musk and Nag Champa.


Lavender, Coconut & Vanilla

2 oz all natural Solid Perfume & Grounding Salve


Patchouli and Coconut solid perfume and grounding salve

Solid Perfume and Grounding Salve 2 oz Organic coconut oil infused with roses grown in our pesticide free garden, pure and natural sweet almond oil, organic beeswax, 100% pure patchouli oil and all natural coconut fragrance oil created on 5/9/19


2 oz IAHLA Floral Fragrance

(gardenia, hibiscus and peony) topped with genuine crystals like amazonite from Russia, sunstone, agate from Botswana, blue lace agate and pink tourmaline. Other ingredients: organic beeswax, all natural sweet almond oil infused with marjoram grown in our pesticide free garden. created 5/7/19









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